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Add-in version

You can download a demo of the add-in version of xlOptimizer (for Microsoft Excel 2016 32/64bit or Microsoft Excel 365 32/64bit) here. In the demo a restriction of 10 design variables is imposed.

Some trivial examples, with step-by-step instructions, can be found here.

If you want to purchase the full product, you can do so from the main site of TechnoLogismiki through secure online shopping. The direct link to xlOptimizer's product page is here. The full version has no limitations in the number of design variables. These are only hardware-restricted. A single licence gives you also access to the stand-alone version, if you wish to use it.

The cost for a single license is 349€ + V.A.T. (where applicable). This includes a single USB HASP key for the copy protection of the program (please deselect it in the shopping cart). The program allows unlimited installations, however, the key is required for the program to run. Because of the USB HASP key, a package needs to be sent through normal or priority mail.