Dr. Fotis Fotopoulos graduated from National Technical University of Athens - School of Civil Engineering with a major in Fluid Mechanics. He holds a PhD (NTUA) and a MSc (MIT) in Satellite Hydrology as well as a MSc (NTUA) in Water Resources Management and Technology.

He was honored during his studies by the Greek Company of Mathematics and the Technical Chamber of Greece and gained numerous scholarships from the Greek Foundation for State Scholarships. He has a significant teaching experience at the National Technical University of Athens, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and elsewhere. He has authored 3 books in the field of Hydraulics Engineering and many scientific articles published in international refereed journals. He is co-founder and manager of two companies, TechnoLogismiki (which specializes in development of technical software) and ENCODIA LTD. He holds two certificates for undertaking public works (hydraulic works and transportation projects). He speaks English and French. He is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, member of the Association of Civil Engineers of Greece (ACEG), member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and member of the Boston Association of Civil Engineers. He specializes in environmental, water supply and transportation projects.